A high tech company is looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer

  • תחום: פיתוח
  • תאריך פתיחה: 11.8.19
  • תפקיד: מפתח/ת Full stack
  • שנות נסיון: 6
  • מיקום: שרון
  • היקף המשרה: משרה מלאה
תיאור משרה:

A high tech company in Ra'anana is looking for a senior full stack developer, which will act as a technical lead.
A perfect match candidate would be one that could lead people (technical professional aspects) and take responsibility for the development of large-scale tasks.

In addition, he/she will Perform researches and POC, and provide technical specification according to product new business specification as well as support existing products.

דרישות משרה:
  • BA/BSc/MS in Computer Science or related Technical Engineering
  • At least 6 years of development experience
  • Deep knowledge with client side technologies: JavaScripts, HTML, CSS and front-end frameworks such as Angular, Vue.js
  • Experience with SQL and Microsoft development environment
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